Hidden gem… Please by U2

Their recent gig close to my home at Twickenham Stadium prompted me to put all my U2 albums on shuffle on my iPod in my car and made me realise just how good they are.

Ask many people what their least favourite U2 album is and they’ll probably say the 1997 experimental POP. That’s a shame, because the Nineties trio of releases Acting Baby, Zooropa and POP contain some of the mega-group’s more inventive and exciting music.

‘Please’ slips under the radar as POP’s track 11, but exceeds all expectations through it’s brooding dubby groove, haunting lyrics and chugging, funky guitar. Magnificent!

U2 may no longer – or have ever really been – hip, but they have chucked out some kicking tunes!


By Talent

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