NDX live in Pompeii!

Well, a quarter of NDX that is…

Hot off the press, here’s an exclusive shot of NDX bass player The Groovemeister performing solo in the classic venue used by rock gods Pink Floyd for their seminal movie Live In (you guessed it…) Pompeii.

As you can see, Mr G’s performance without any instruments was just as enthralling as the Floyd’s.

After leaving the amphitheatre to a standing ovation (from his wife and kids – almost as big an audience as commanded by the legendary prog rockers), Groover said: “There’s now a small ‘exhibition’ here paying homage to the Floyd filming their live ‘concert’ here (with an audience of about 10 – the film crew, roadies, etc) in 1972, plus clips on a loop. Very satisfying indeed,” adding: “Roman stuff a bit of a bonus!”

Here’s a slice of the Floyd in action in 1972 playing the amazing One Of These Days.

Meanwhile, here’s their outstanding axe man David Gilmour playing the same track on his return in 2016… bit more of a crowd there this time! Which performance is best? You decide…

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