NDX dial up the psychedelic soul for funky new single ‘Everything’

Near Death Experience (NDX) kick off 2021 with the release of new single ‘Everything’ – an irresistible slice of funky psychedelic soul dripping with their now trademark layered guitars, grooving rhythm section and infectious melodies delivered in singer Ian Whiteling’s warm, growling croon.    

The song opens with Mike Sarjeant’s uniquely funky drumming, laid back to
perfection, before Bill Marten’s screaming lead guitar heralds a soaring singalong refrain. After this builds to a shuddering climax, the song drops back to the slow sparse groove of the verse, driven by Amar Grover’s uber cool bass line. 

Whiteling’s neo-cosmic lyrics tell the story of an encounter that takes him higher than ever before. It sets his spirit free and opens the doors to unlimited possibilities, yet is ultimately inescapable, giving this uplifting song a mysterious dark undercurrent. This is emphasised by the hypnotic chorus where “every single step I take leads me back to you”.

Closing with the opening refrain that drops once more into Sarjeant’s laid back beats
before taking off in a whirlwind of funky wah-wah guitar, Everything’s clever arrangement leaves us desperate for more. A craving that will be satisfied on NDX’s forthcoming album featuring the full-length version of the song. 

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