Filthy, groovy and funky psychedelic soul pop!

How our January 2021 single ‘Everything’ has been received by the music bloggers…

Less than 1k followers

“A smooth psychedelic throwback that’s perfectly fine being around in 2021. It’s this just-post-Woodstock funky groove with matching vocals from Ian that makes it really unique in this modern day and age.”

Talk About Pop Music

“London based band Near Death Experience ‘roll’ into 2021 with their brilliant new single, which blends strong, powerful vocals with a laid back rhythmic backing track that combines the very best of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for a great all round sound.”

Edgar Allen Poets

“This song is titled ‘Everything’ and you can really tell that it has everything. A fascinating song in the classic style of this band, it gives you great energy to take on the day ahead. It makes you feel really good.”


“Everything” shows off the intrepid skill of Near Death Experience (NDX) in crafting a sprawling universe that feels uniquely their own. A mixture of old and new styles filters into the mix giving it a timelessness. There is a tremendous spirit behind the performance as it all swirls and churns about in a cyclical, hypnotic trance like state.”

Music for the Misfits

“A combination of funky drums, a laid back attitude towards perfection, screaming guitar lines and soaring, catchy vocals with a chorus that is so easy to sing along to that it is impossible to resist make Near Death Experience’s new single an amazing new release!”

“Filthy, groovy and funky psychedelic soul pop!”


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