NDX believe in the rhythm in slow burning new single ‘Religion’

Near Death Experience (NDX) kick start the summer with the release of new single
– a brooding, steamy, grooving slice of addictive rock’n’soul that
builds from throbbing bass to guitar-screaming crescendo via a soulful chorus that’s
so infectious you’ll never shake it off – even if you’ve been double vaccinated.    

The religion in this case is the rhythm, which singer Ian Whiteling preaches like an
evangelical clergyman, drawing you in with a velvet growl that builds to a climax in the chorus where he demands: “I’m a believer, believe in me!”

Guitarist Bill Marten counters Whiteling’s chorus melody beautifully with a lead line
that’s straight out of the glam 70s. NDX also wear their influences on their sleeve with
a series of rising horn passages that ramp up the tension in psychedelic soul fashion
before the chorus hits. 

Meanwhile, the funky drumming and Moroder-esque bass line, delivered by Amar
Grover, wrap ‘Religion’ in a delicious warm groove, that continues to drive the song
forward towards its thrilling climax of rising guitars and howling vocals. The rhythm is
indeed the king!  

Watch the ‘Religion’ video

Download song files, images and more at the ‘Religion’ EPK portal bit.ly/NDXReligionEPK


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