NDX raise the temperature with sizzling summer single ‘Living’

Near Death Experience (NDX) capture the spirit of summer with their soulful stomping new song ‘Living’. From scorching highs to brooding lows, the song yo-yos like an emotional rollercoaster capturing the excitement and uncertainty of living and loving when the heat is on!

The song kicks off with an irresistible soaring vocal reminiscent of sixties soul, powered by singer Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s multi-layered do-wop harmonies and Bill ‘The Professor’ Marten’s chiming Hammond organ. In no time, the story unfolds as ‘Living’ effortlessly hits its groove with consecutive driving verses and reflective choruses. This is where Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover on bass and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins on drums and percussion really hit their stride, building the song towards a crescendo before exploding back into the soaring vocal harmonies.

A bouncing acoustic guitar-driven bridge then maintains the momentum, leading into a beautiful shimmering descending melody that rises suddenly into a euphoric trademark guitar solo from The Prof. Burning brilliantly like a fleeting supernova, The Prof tantalizes us with a screaming guitar note gradually fading away under a hushed chorus before the hook-laden summer anthem takes flight again. Now that’s ‘Living’!


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