NDX believe in the rhythm in slow burning new single ‘Religion’

Near Death Experience (NDX) kick start the summer with the release of new single
– a brooding, steamy, grooving slice of addictive rock’n’soul that
builds from throbbing bass to guitar-screaming crescendo via a soulful chorus that’s
so infectious you’ll never shake it off – even if you’ve been double vaccinated.    

The religion in this case is the rhythm, which singer Ian Whiteling preaches like an
evangelical clergyman, drawing you in with a velvet growl that builds to a climax in the chorus where he demands: “I’m a believer, believe in me!”

Guitarist Bill Marten counters Whiteling’s chorus melody beautifully with a lead line
that’s straight out of the glam 70s. NDX also wear their influences on their sleeve with
a series of rising horn passages that ramp up the tension in psychedelic soul fashion
before the chorus hits. 

Meanwhile, the funky drumming and Moroder-esque bass line, delivered by Amar
Grover, wrap ‘Religion’ in a delicious warm groove, that continues to drive the song
forward towards its thrilling climax of rising guitars and howling vocals. The rhythm is
indeed the king!  

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Filthy, groovy and funky psychedelic soul pop!

How our January 2021 single ‘Everything’ has been received by the music bloggers…

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“A smooth psychedelic throwback that’s perfectly fine being around in 2021. It’s this just-post-Woodstock funky groove with matching vocals from Ian that makes it really unique in this modern day and age.”

Talk About Pop Music

“London based band Near Death Experience ‘roll’ into 2021 with their brilliant new single, which blends strong, powerful vocals with a laid back rhythmic backing track that combines the very best of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for a great all round sound.”

Edgar Allen Poets

“This song is titled ‘Everything’ and you can really tell that it has everything. A fascinating song in the classic style of this band, it gives you great energy to take on the day ahead. It makes you feel really good.”


“Everything” shows off the intrepid skill of Near Death Experience (NDX) in crafting a sprawling universe that feels uniquely their own. A mixture of old and new styles filters into the mix giving it a timelessness. There is a tremendous spirit behind the performance as it all swirls and churns about in a cyclical, hypnotic trance like state.”

Music for the Misfits

“A combination of funky drums, a laid back attitude towards perfection, screaming guitar lines and soaring, catchy vocals with a chorus that is so easy to sing along to that it is impossible to resist make Near Death Experience’s new single an amazing new release!”

“Filthy, groovy and funky psychedelic soul pop!”

NDX dial up the psychedelic soul for funky new single ‘Everything’

Near Death Experience (NDX) kick off 2021 with the release of new single ‘Everything’ – an irresistible slice of funky psychedelic soul dripping with their now trademark layered guitars, grooving rhythm section and infectious melodies delivered in singer Ian Whiteling’s warm, growling croon.    

The song opens with Mike Sarjeant’s uniquely funky drumming, laid back to
perfection, before Bill Marten’s screaming lead guitar heralds a soaring singalong refrain. After this builds to a shuddering climax, the song drops back to the slow sparse groove of the verse, driven by Amar Grover’s uber cool bass line. 

Whiteling’s neo-cosmic lyrics tell the story of an encounter that takes him higher than ever before. It sets his spirit free and opens the doors to unlimited possibilities, yet is ultimately inescapable, giving this uplifting song a mysterious dark undercurrent. This is emphasised by the hypnotic chorus where “every single step I take leads me back to you”.

Closing with the opening refrain that drops once more into Sarjeant’s laid back beats
before taking off in a whirlwind of funky wah-wah guitar, Everything’s clever arrangement leaves us desperate for more. A craving that will be satisfied on NDX’s forthcoming album featuring the full-length version of the song. 

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A rare gem of a Christmas song

Praise for our Christmas 2020 single ‘Lord’ from the music blogger community… (see what we did there?)

The Edgar Allan Poets

“Music that makes you fly. The choirs are fantastic and manage to take the choruses to another level by making you explore heights you are not used to.”


“‘Lord’ is the magnificent indie-rock single by NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDX). A must-hear release this Christmas.”

Subba Cultcha

“A rare gem of a Christmas song, Lord confirms NDX as real contenders on the soulful, funky indie rock scene.”

Music News

“Lord is a modern-day spiritual that evolves into a rousing choral anthem.”

NDX deliver a rousing modern-day spiritual for a COVID Christmas

Near Death Experience (NDX) present Lord – their third soulful, uplifting single in six months – to help offset pandemic gloom. Opening with driving acoustic guitar and a beautiful chiming electric lead line, Lord is a modern-day spiritual that evolves into a rousing choral anthem, appealing to the world’s innate spirit to shine for the good of all.

Always humbled to call the beautifully restored St Mary’s Church in Ealing their rehearsal home, little did the band know that it would gift them a Christmas classic. Searching for words to lay over a new chord run the band had started jamming, singer Ian Whiteling began singing through an old order of service left open on the lectern. With a few tweaks, Lord was born.

The low register verse and soaring chorus display Whiteling’s impressive range, with Bill Marten hypnotising with his warm wandering lead guitar. Meanwhile, NDX rhythm section – bassist Amar Grover and drumsmith Mike Sarjeant – wrap Lord in an irresistible slow groove that guides the song to a climactic organ-filled crescendo. All in all a very merry NDXmas!

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Leaves us itching to hit replay to get another fix!

How music bloggers are getting their groove on to our August 2020 single Moves…

From Sophia With Love…

“‘Moves’ is a soundtrack for the summer. It is an indie gem with contagious melodies. Cling to it for dear life!”

Breaking and Entering

“It is hard not to find yourself moving to Moves’ infectious beat and nail-biting rhythm. NDX prove that they have enormous strength musically, it is almost like the group were born to come together to make music. Overall, a top-class rock hit.”

That Blogger

“Infectious and hard-hitting. Leaves us itching to hit replay to get another fix.”

Music Notion

“Refreshing to hear a band bring back a sound which was popular decades previous, but also add a contemporary hook which makes it stand out in the modern music fuss. Very melodic, warm and captivating.”

All I Need Is Music

“An exquisite rock piece relevant to modern times and delivers one of the biggest and artistic climaxes to an indie track.”

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Check out the Moves video…

The feelgood track we all need right now!

Find out how we ‘Conquer’-ed the music blogger scene with our May 2020 single…

Subba Cultcha

“‘Conquer’ is the feel-good and uplifting track we all need right about now.”

7th Level Music

“Killer guitar hooks and a sublime vocal.”

The Musical Hype

“Colossal! One thing is for sure, the band came, they saw, and they conquered.”

Is This Music?

“Fancy listening to something which is going to brighten your day and get your body pumping in no time? The rhythm section could even get your granny, tapping her foot. Musically, they are in top form.”

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Watch the Conquer video…

The Psychedelic Collection…

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, the psychedelic Sixties are a major influence on the NDX sound, along with soul, funk and garage rock. In a tribute to the psychedelic era, our bass player Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover has developed some striking versions of an image shot at one of London’s most iconic venue The Fiddler’s Elbow last year.

Liberally wielding digital photo effects, he’s created a short burst of vibrant – almost – blinding pictures, which you can find on our Facebook page.

Simply click here to check them out…


The best songs from teen movies

Whether you’re old enough to remember them or not, the classic teen movies of the 1980s are worth checking out – if only for the fashion and, of course, the music!

Led by US director John Hughes, they launched a genre that has proved enduring ever since. Arguably the original and best was The Breakfast Club soundtracked with the classic Simple Minds anthem Don’t You Forget About Me. Although the band we’re about to venture beyond their sell-by date, this remains a great song and sets the scene for what is a masterful coming-of-age flick.

Brat packers Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall led the cast and proved to be a blueprint for what followed.

(Re) Discover the best sounds that brought these movies alive with the Guardian’s take on the best songs from teen movies below. Which are your favourites?

NDX live in Pompeii!

Well, a quarter of NDX that is…

Hot off the press, here’s an exclusive shot of NDX bass player The Groovemeister performing solo in the classic venue used by rock gods Pink Floyd for their seminal movie Live In (you guessed it…) Pompeii.

As you can see, Mr G’s performance without any instruments was just as enthralling as the Floyd’s.

After leaving the amphitheatre to a standing ovation (from his wife and kids – almost as big an audience as commanded by the legendary prog rockers), Groover said: “There’s now a small ‘exhibition’ here paying homage to the Floyd filming their live ‘concert’ here (with an audience of about 10 – the film crew, roadies, etc) in 1972, plus clips on a loop. Very satisfying indeed,” adding: “Roman stuff a bit of a bonus!”

Here’s a slice of the Floyd in action in 1972 playing the amazing One Of These Days.

Meanwhile, here’s their outstanding axe man David Gilmour playing the same track on his return in 2016… bit more of a crowd there this time! Which performance is best? You decide…