We’ve compiled a series of playlists on our Spotify Artists Page to soundtrack your lives.

Take a listen…


Retro in mood, dark in attitude, funky in essence! 


Songs from the school of life from the singer of NDX. Pick a subject, any subject…


Satisfy your wanderlust from your armchair with this musical journey across the globe by the singer of Near Death Experience (NDX) – Enjoy the trip…


It’s Christmas Captain, but not as we know it… a quirky collection from Near Death Experience.


If you’re going to San Franciso, but sure to wear… a facemask! Late 60s/early 70s original and inspired tunes for the perfect pandemic era – fear, paranoia and hope (spot the Cummings ref) from the singer of Near Death Experience (NDX).


Some relics, some inspiration and some songs we just can’t stop listening too!


Music that inspires NDX and might just tickle your fancy too!