Near Death Experience (NDX) are a four-piece band from Ealing, London. Since forming in 2016 and playing Glastonbury 2017, they’ve gained a reputation for powerful, emotive live performances and a “shimmering psyche-tinged rock’n’ soul” sound. 

The Last Summer EP was launched in 2017, with the title track Summer played by BBC Introducing. NDX set up Ealing Live in September 2018 to encourage new and original live music in West London, hosting regular nights in local pubs as an alternative to the usual covers bands. A host of new bands have since played Ealing Live, including Tall Poppies, The Family Dog, Lola Aviva, and more… and locals have loved being introduced to new and exciting music. This led to NDX hosting the Ealing Oxjam Festival in June 2019, which raised hundreds of pounds for Oxfam.

NDX spent 2018 working on their first album Mouth to Mouth, which was released on 12 July 2019, pre-empting their opening slot at the Ealing Blues Festival. The rest of 2019 and early 2020 was spent writing and recording new album The Release due out in 2022 and hosting more Ealing Live gigs. Despite the pandemic, NDX completed and released three singles during 2020, each receiving excellent reviews across the music blogger community (see below), including a Christmas single Lord. They began 2021 with a bang with the launch of another single, the irresistible psychedelic soul-infused Everything, and set the summer alight with the brooding, steamy, addictive groover R3L1G10N.

NDX were one of the first bands back playing live in the UK as soon as the lockdown restrictions ended early summer 2021, kicking off their New Summer Of Love Tour in pubs and venues in West and South London, performing to packed houses and euphoric audiences delighted to have live music back and lapping up the scintillating, uplifting vibes of their music. As summer 2021 drew to a close, the New Summer Of Love Tour morphed into the Winter Of Love Tour and 2022 saw the release of singles Found and Underground, both setting the indie bloggers and radio stations alight and racking up thousands of Spotify plays. 

After the privilege of performing at Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary festival in June 2022, NDX returned to the studio to put the finishing touches to an anthemic new summer single Living – a white hot tune released during a scorching August!

NDX’s recent singles have received rave reviews from indie bloggers globally…

Praise for Underground – April 2022

The instrumental section of Underground is out of this world and we are totally hypnotized with the composition and concept of the song.

Karl Is My Uncle

The ‘retro’ atmosphere of Underground is magical and intriguing. The fantastic trumpet solo made me take a trip to Mexico. This song would make the perfect soundtrack for a Tarantino movie. Near Death Experience have fun while they play and are great musicians, they always manage to raise the bar and offer high-quality music.

Edgar Allen Poets

‘Underground’ is a real pearl of modern soul rock music. The organic bass line starts from the first bars and invites us to go on a musical journey where rhythm, drive and melody take our breath away. 

Indie Dock

This party banger is ready to turn every crypt, basement, or subway tunnel into a dancefloor.


“Underground” displays Near Death Experience’s outstanding songwriting and superb musicianship while also exhibiting the band’s flexibility and creative originality. It’s a tune that will have your skeleton grooving and your soul flying through a meadow of riffy guitars and energetic voices.


From start to finish, the band takes you on the ride of your life and leaves you wanting more of their swinging beats and electrifying riffs. Near Death Experience (NDX) gets you instantly hooked to their groove as they draw you into a subterranean club and the ride of your life in ‘Underground’. From the first second, the music grabs a hold of you and has you grooving to its vibes.

The Other Side

Praise for Found – February 2022

“Just imagine a world where the greatest guitar intro has been created. Welcome to a world where NDX is in charge!”

Rock Era Magazine

“‘Found’ has you hooked from the first note that gets your foot tapping away to the rhythm.”

The Other Side Reviews

“Anthemic, sentimental and bursting with passion, this track is one that will stick in your head.”

Nexus Music Blog

“I love the dynamics and the strange, brilliant style of this song.”

Zoe MacLoed, Islington Radio

Praise for Religion – July 2021

“A captivating song that entertains from the first to last second…”

Edgar Allen Poets blog

“It’s  quirky, it’s eccentric, it’s brash and it’s very catchy. Safe to say, NDX’s latest experiment was a success – this song will stick long in the memory.”

Less Than 1,000 Followers

“The irresistible rock’n’soul ranges from the pulsating heavy bass to the growing guitar riffs, through a chorus of rare beauty.”

Roadie Music

“Steamy, brooking and groovy, ‘Religion’ mixes dynamic guitars with a sensual sax and compelling drumming. The gruff tones meld beautifully with the gentle melody weaving a soul-stirring single.”

The Other Side Reviews

Praise for Everything – February 2021

“A smooth psychedelic throwback that’s perfectly fine being around in 2021. It’s this just-post-Woodstock funky groove with matching vocals from Ian that makes it really unique in this modern day and age.”

Less than 1k followers

“London based band Near Death Experience ‘roll’ into 2021 with their brilliant new single, which blends strong, powerful vocals with a laid back rhythmic backing track that combines the very best of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s for a great all round sound.”

Talk About Pop Music

“This song is titled ‘Everything’ and you can really tell that it has everything. A fascinating song in the classic style of this band, it gives you great energy to take on the day ahead. It makes you feel really good.”

Edgar Allen Poets

“Everything” shows off the intrepid skill of Near Death Experience (NDX) in crafting a sprawling universe that feels uniquely their own. A mixture of old and new styles filters into the mix giving it a timelessness.”


“A combination of funky drums, a laid back attitude towards perfection, screaming guitar lines and soaring, catchy vocals with a chorus that is so easy to sing along to that it is impossible to resist make Near Death Experience’s new single an amazing new release!”

Music for the Misfits

Praise for Lord – December 2020:

“Music that makes you fly. The choirs are fantastic and manage to take the choruses to another level by making you explore heights you are not used to.”

The Edgar Allan Poets

“‘Lord’ is a magnificent indie-rock single and a must-hear release this Christmas.”

FV Blog

“A rare gem of a Christmas song, Lord is a modern-day spiritual that evolves into a rousing choral anthem, confirming NDX as real contenders on the soulful, funky indie rock scene.”

Subba Cultcha

Praise for Moves – August 2020:

“‘Moves’ is a soundtrack for the summer. It is an indie gem with contagious melodies. Cling to it for dear life!”

From Sophia With Love…

“It is hard not to find yourself moving to Moves’ infectious beat – a top-class rock hit.”

Breaking and Entering

“My soles hurt from the constant foot-tapping trance I found myself in. Vocally, top draw, musically, fascinating.”

New in Music

“Gets the hairs standing on the back of the neck. Will keep your rock passion burning”

The Musical Hype

“Infectious and hard-hitting. Leaves us itching to hit replay to get another fix. You will not get it out of your coconut for some time.”

That Blogger

Praise for Conquer – May 2020:

“Plenty of indie and rock feel good and an edge that grips like a parasite and does not let go”

Mystic Frog, Caesar Live n Loud

“Conquer’ is the feel-good and uplifting track we all need right about now with

a killer vocal performance”

George Davidson, Subba Cultcha

“Colossal! One thing is for sure, the band came, they saw, and they conquered. If this track is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat with their next.”

The Musical Hype

“The track has everything for an indie rock fan but then again, funk lovers too. Near Death Experience are taking giant leaps.”

Breaking and Entering (Milwaukee, USA)